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Save for something special

If you already have a Membership Account with CLEVR Money, but looking to save a little extra for something special – then why not open a Second Saver Account. You can save as much as you want, as and when you can and when you’re ready, you can take all or some of your savings out to pay for that big purchase.


  • Available to existing members of the Credit Union
  • Easy access to your savings
  • Dividend bearing account (subject to credit union performance)
  • No minimum balance

All full members of CLEVR Money are able to open a Second Saver Account.

By saving in this account, you gain access to the following benefits:


  • Savings for a specific purpose e.g. Wedding / Holidays / Graduation
  • Free to join
  • Easy access to your savings
  • Pay in by payroll deduction, direct debit, standing order or direct from your benefits
  • Dividend bearing account (subject to credit union performance)
  • Keeps our money working for us here in the Fylde Coast

Existing members can apply for this product in branch or by emailing the office.



  • To open a Second Saver Account, you must be an existing member of the credit union and adhere to the terms and conditions of membership.

Read our full Membership Terms and Conditions to find out more about Withdrawals, Charges, Dividends and other terms and conditions relating to your membership.

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