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The account that gives you access to our services

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Open a Membership Account

Applying for membership with CLEVR Money online is easy, and takes about 5 minutes.

  1. Check that you meet our common bond criteria.
  2. Read the terms and conditions for this account and the Membership Terms & Conditions
  3. Complete the online application to join as a member and open a Membership Account
  • A deposit of £5.00 via bank transfer or debit card is required before your account can be opened, if you are not saving via payroll deduction.

By opening a Membership Account you gain access to all of the benefits of saving with our credit union.

So whether you’re a regular saver, an occasional saver or even looking to save through payroll deduction, save with CLEVR Money and keep our money working for us in the community.

Have any questions? Contact us, we are happy to assist!

✔ Apply for a Membership Account online in minutes

✔ Manage your account via online banking

✔ Easy access to your savings

✔ Dividend bearing account (subject to credit union performance)

✔ Pay in by payroll deduction, bank transfer, direct debit, standing order or direct from your benefits

✔ Option to open a Christmas Saver and Second Saver account

Our savings products at a glance

help with christmas money

Christmas Saver Account

A dedicated savings account to help you save for the big day

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Second Saver Account

Save for something special

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Junior Saver Account

Savings accounts for under 16s

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