Realise your grand designs without breaking the bank

Realise your grand designs without breaking the bank

I love Bank Holiday season, mostly spending it chilling out and relaxing with my friends. But it seems like I’m in the minority as almost everyone I know spends their time up to their elbows in DIY. 

This time of year we find many credit union members applying for home improvement loans, taking the chance to fix those niggling bits around the house, smarten up the outside or refresh some of the rooms.

The start of the summer is also the time when people with a slightly bigger project make the most of the better weather to knock down those walls or get the extension built.

Whether it’s just a bit of cash to buy paint or pay the decorators, or a larger sum to fund a contract build, many people turn to a home improvement loan. It is important to budget and make sure costs don’t spiral out of control, and with so called ‘cheap credit’ available on every high street it can be easy to over stretch yourself and end up in more debt that you realise.

Every episode of Grand Designs will tell you that projects almost always cost more than you think, and covering that overspend with credit cards or a high interest loan could see you forking out repayments long after you’ve finished the job.

As a credit union, we’re here to help not to make huge profits. So, if you do need money to get started, or even to get finished, borrowing from an ethical lender will ensure your repayments are fair and affordable.

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