Guidance on how to download bank statements


NatWest  Download a PDF statement


Nationwide   Scroll down to ‘Get a copy of a statement’


Barclays   Scroll down to ‘View, download and print your documents’ OR Watch our ‘how-to video’


Lloyds  Scroll down to ‘Get copies of your statement’ click Monthly PDFs.


RBS  Click ‘your preferred way of doing it’ as ‘Online’


Monzo  Scroll down to ‘Get your Monzo bank statements’


HSBC     Scroll down to ‘Sharing a copy of your statement’


Metro   Scroll down to ‘Printing and Downloading’ in a PDF format


Starling Bank   Scroll down to ‘How it works and where to find it’ Click the option to view the statement in PDF


Halifax   Scroll down to ‘Exporting your list of transactions’ and also see the instructions below:

To download a Halifax Current account

Go to

Click the menu and select ‘sign in’

BEFORE logging in, scroll down and click the button that says ‘Go to desktop site’

Log in

Enter memorable information

Then continue

Once logged in, click ‘view statement’ in the top right hand corner

Then click the box that says ‘statement options’

Click monthly PDFs

Click the month we require

Then view PDF

It will then load on a separate tab

Forward the attachment to



Log on to website

On the left side column it will say e-documents

Click on e-documents

On the page loaded it will show a list with a statement for every month (newest to oldest)

On the specific column for the month you want make sure it says ‘view in PDF’ in the action tab

The next column it says go, you need to click this.

This will download the file.



Log in, then select your account.

Select Print at the bottom of the screen to open a new window.

Select Print again, and Save as PDF.


First Direct

Log in to online banking

View your statements, and select Print at the bottom of the screen.

Enter your dates required (three or six months), and select Print again to open a preview.

You can either change the destination or select PDF software, and use ‘Print’ or ‘Save’ as required.



Log in to your online banking.

Select Statements from the left menu and the required account.

Select a statement number, followed by ‘Print’ at the top.

Now, right-click your statement and choose to save as a PDF.



Log in to Internet Banking

You can view the last six months or four hundred transactions, whichever is the lesser, for your current and savings accounts within Internet Banking.

You are also able to print a copy of your transactions by selecting the print option in the top right hand menu then save the file that opens.


Think Money

If you’re signed up to online banking, we’ll send your thinkmoney-branded statement to your online banking inbox every month.



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