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Are you an employee of a payroll partner?

Open your savings account in 5 minutes and start saving direct from salary!

You'll need:

  • To be age 16 or older
  • Valid email address
  • 3 years address history
  • Your employment details
  • Your bank account details

Become a Payroll Partner

Our payroll savings scheme is a fantastic way to help your staff to get into the habit of saving money on a regular basis. We are always happy to speak to employers that are thinking about partnering with us to deliver CLEVR Money services to their staff, as a free of charge benefit.

Members’ savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Provide an accessible way for your staff to improve their financial resilience

Promote responsible saving and affordable credit amongst staff

Increase your corporate social responsibility

We provide marketing materials to promote the scheme to your staff

Lets talk!

Contact us, for an informal chat about becoming a payroll partner.

📧 hello@clevr.money

📞 01253 478827


Join the many UK employers already offering staff a payroll deduction savings and loans scheme.


Employees that enroll onto the Payroll Deduction Scheme will automatically become a member of CLEVR Money, and their savings can be withdrawn upon demand.

Our primary objective is to promote sound financial management by encouraging responsible savings and giving access to affordable credit.

Over time, members savings can build up and end the cycle of borrowing.

All services are managed directly by us and we accept full liability for the operation of the scheme.

All enquiries are dealt with by us, payroll changes, withdrawal requests and loan applications are made through our office.

Existing partners - book a free visit from CLEVR Money

No-one knows our services better than us!

Would you like us to visit your workplace, to talk about how our services can help your staff and answer any questions they may have?

We offer this service free of charge - contact us to arrange a visit to your workplace!

We take all responsibility for the operation of the scheme, with the employer just facilitating monthly deductions from salary and promoting the scheme to employees.

We can offer your staff:

An easy savings method, directly from salary

24/7 online account management

Christmas Saver accounts

Priority access to our loans team for employees of Payroll Partners that wish to apply for a loan

Access to affordable loans with no set up fees, no early repayment penalties and repayment periods to suit the employee

Corporate testimonials

“We are proud that many of Preston City Council’s workforce have signed up to save regularly with CLEVR Money credit union, a not-for-profit savings and loans co-operative. Not only do we want credit union membership to grow internally we actively promote CLEVR with many of our partners and to the wider community.

“CLEVR Money promotes sound financial management by encouraging responsible savings and giving access to affordable low-cost credit.

“This form of banking is particularly important as we go forward through the cost of living crisis and so we are very glad our staff are able to support the co-operative in this way.”

Councillor Matthew Brown, Leader of Preston City Council

“CLEVR Money is an ethical organisation with the financial well-being of the local community at its heart. By offering affordable lending to its members, CLEVR helps to steer people away from less scrupulous lenders and the difficulties that can create. 

The credit union also helps Blackpool Housing Company colleagues to save regularly direct from payroll, promoting good saving habits and supporting the wider work of the Credit Union.”

Lee Burrell, Director of Development at Blackpool Housing Company

“As a community-focused organisation working hard to help people improve their lives, it makes sense to offer our own staff services which can help them too. The credit union savings scheme is ideal for our employees to put something away for a rainy day and it’s good to know there are ethical loans available too if needed.”

Julia Hutchings, Business & Governance Manager at Renaissance

What if my employer isn't a payroll partner?

If you are an employee of a company that is not currently a payroll partner, and you would like them to join our payroll scheme, let us know!

We are happy to contact your employer to tell them about the scheme and how it can help their staff.

Supporting employees during the Cost of Living Crisis: A guide

There is help available for employers wanting to help their staff during the current cost of living crisis.

Several organisations have created directories outlining the support on offer.

We’ve linked to those directories here and pulled out some highlights.

One of the key things employers can do is become a Payroll Partner organisation of CLEVR Money and promote membership of the credit union among employees.

This will give staff the tools to help them with their finances.

We encourage regular saving, to help provide a nest egg for when times get tough, and provide access to fair and responsible loans.

Our loans are designed to help people out of debt in the longer term, rather than trap them into a spiral which causes further financial heartache and stress, which we know can lead to mental health issues and affect their ability to work and maintain their living standards.

Thanks to the Fylde Coast Responsible Business Network for the following resources:

Cost of Living Support: Guide for Employers 

Cost of Living Support: Guide for Employees 

How businesses can respond to the cost of living crisis 

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