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CLEVR Money is a not-for-profit Credit Union.

We are the credit union for Blackpool, Fylde, Wyre, Preston, central & south Lancaster.

We’re proud to help our members achieve financial security.

Our primary objective is to promote sound financial management, by encouraging responsible savings and giving access to affordable credit.

Charlotte's story

Take a look at Charlotte’s story, where she shares how CLEVR Money, your community Credit Union, has helped her and her family.

An overview of our services

Learn more about our credit union with this helpful video from some of our staff.

In this short video, we provide answers to some common questions, such as "what is CLEVR Money", "who can join", "what makes CLEVR Money different", and "what are the benefits of using CLEVR Money".

Building a community of savers

We are dedicated to helping you to improve your financial health, and your area grow its community wealth.

Whether you want to save for a special item, a rainy day, or for your long term future, CLEVR Money savings accounts can help you to do this.

As a member of our credit union, you'll also be supporting your local community at the same time.

Become a member in 5 minutes

Apply for your membership account to access our credit unions range of services.

You'll need:

  • To be age 16 or older
  • To live or work in our common bond area
  • Valid email address
  • 3 years address history
  • Your employment details
  • Your bank account details

Turning borrowers into savers

Saving is the best way to avoid debt. But, if you do need to borrow money, our responsible loans can help.

Every member that borrows from us, is required to save alongside their loan repayment.

Building savings whilst repaying the loan, is a great way to get into the habit or saving reguarly and can help end the cycle of borrowing.

Apply for a personal loan

Our loans are designed with our members in mind, with no set-up costs, no arrangement fees and no early repayment penalties.

Whether you need a loan to cover an emergency expense such as a car repair, or something more enjoyable such as your summer holiday, we are here to help.

See individual loan products for eligibility criteria and terms & conditions.

Our History

CLEVR Money is a credit union, a not-for-profit savings & loans co-operative.

Launched in Blackpool in 2009 as Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Credit Union we quickly grew to incorporate Preston and other parts of Lancashire.

Since February 2009 we have experienced steady growth, and today we serve thousands of members across the area with affordable loans and easy savings accounts. Accumulating over £5 million in savings and issuing over £20 million in loans since launch.

Since our beginning, we have offered affordable loans and flexible saving accounts to a wide range of people.

Unlike many financial services business, we’re a not for profit organisation and we are governed by strong ethical values.

And that’s what we’re about.

People matter to us.

We’re here to help them.

Our Workplace Savings Partnerships

Supported by our partnership of employers across the local area and further afield, thousands of our members benefit from savings taken directly from their payroll every month.

We work in partnership with a range of employers, including the private sector, public sector and charities, covering sectors such as local government, healthcare, education, housing and accountancy.

We are always happy to hear from companies interested in becoming a payroll partner, we offer this service free of charge.

In addition to our affordable loans and responsible savings products, we also bring you money saving hints, tips and links to help you to better manage your money.

Supporting our community

If you need some help, we believe that you should access it as soon as possible.

Our Member Support page makes it simpler to identify support that may be available to you.

“For our tenants CLEVR Money is a vital service now more than ever providing a safe and affordable form of lending which really helps households get some much needed stability and keeps them out of the clutches of loan sharks and disreputable lenders.”

John Donnellon, CEO of Blackpool Coastal Housing.

Your savings are safe

As part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, you can be assured the same level of protection that customers of banks and building societies enjoy.



About credit unions

Credit Unions are financial co-operatives, owned and controlled by their members.

Anyone who saves with the Credit Union will automatically become a member of the co-operative, and their savings can be withdrawn upon request. Members can also apply to borrow from the pool of money formed by the members’ savings.

Any Questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions, our friendly customer service and lending teams are happy to help.

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